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 Dorm Teachers & Classrooms

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Lost Fate

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PostSubject: Dorm Teachers & Classrooms   Mon Jul 06, 2015 12:15 pm

Each dorm of CSA will have one person from the staff to be the dorm teacher. As the name suggests that person will be in change of that dorm. If you have questions about a card, deck, ruling or otherwise talk to your dorm teacher about it. The dorm teacher will have classes for their respective dorm. The classes will teach you and test you on rulings, card/deck techniques, deck construction, etc. Sometimes your teacher will give you assignments to complete. Those who pass will be given Crimson Seeds (currency to be explained in a separate post) among other rewards of their choosing. At the end of each month students will be given a test by your teacher along with a report card. Your report card will be sent to you in a forum private message. If your report card is good enough you can advance in the academy. You can be the dorm helper or even take over as the dorm's teacher. Do well enough and advance past the highest dorm you will graduate from the academy and can become CSA's staff. But if you do badly your teacher might bump you down a dorm. So work hard and become better duelists. There is always more to learn.

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Dorm Teachers & Classrooms
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