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 CSA Academy Rules

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Large Kid


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PostSubject: CSA Academy Rules   Tue Jul 14, 2015 1:53 pm

The CSA Academy Rules.

Rule 1: Don’t harass other users. A little joking around is okay but don’t try and hurt others feelings. Harassment is punishable by a ban without a warning,

Rule 2: Don’t post pornographic/disturbing content. Again this is punishable by a ban without warning.

Rule 3: Do NOT advertise other academies without permission from an admin (preferably Lost Fate.) advertising topics will be locked and deleted. Repeat offenders will be banned

Rule 4 Do not disrupt the chatbox OR any topic by arguing. If you want to argue you may either

A. If it is a topic Private Message the other user. They will receive a PM in the same amount of time as a reply to a topic.
B. If it is something in the chatbox take it to somewhere like DN Devpro/ygopro or skype.
Punishable by a kick from chat the first time. A 10 minute chat ban the second time and a permanent chat ban for the 3rd time.

All infractions will be reviewed by the moderators/admins and may be upgraded or downgraded at their disgression.

Send Ban appeals to an admin and we will review it however we will not revoke bans if you were found breaking the rules.
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CSA Academy Rules
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