Legends aren't born. They are made.
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 What Is CSA and It's Mission?

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Lost Fate
Lost Fate

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PostSubject: What Is CSA and It's Mission?   Mon Jul 06, 2015 11:42 am

I have heard it many times when people are asked to join an academy. "What is your academy about?", "How is it different?", What do you have that will make me join?". My reasoning might not sell you but I hope you all will listen to it.

For a long while now I was a part of an academy that caught my attention. When I first joined they did everything to help it's members become greater duelists. There were weekly tournaments and classes but after a while all of that stopped. It ceased to be an academy and just someplace people would go to. The owner of that academy would just disappear and the two people who were the academy helpers just stopped doing their jobs. So I got really fed up with it. So I made the decision to create Crimson Stars Academy. It is my....no it is CSA's mission to be an academy everyone can come to with the intent to better themselves as duelists. I want everyone who comes here to be able to evolve into amazing duelists. From beginners to veterans I want everyone to find their way to evolve. CSA has two slogans. The first is: "legends aren't born. They are made" this means that no one is born knowing everything. Hard work and efforts are required to get to where you want to be. The second is: "Find your limits, then go beyond them" this means to say that you can surpass yourself and become stronger. My goal and CSA's goal is to help everyone evolve into great duelists.

Everyone who joined or is thinking about joining I don't know if this reason was good enough for you but that is the mission of CSA. Thank you all for taking the time to read all this.

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What Is CSA and It's Mission?
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